Aww: Guy proposes to girlfriend while playing 'World of Warcraft'

Because we just can’t get enough of pitiful and bizarre geeky ways to propose to your significant other, here’s another one that will tell you geeks can be really cheesy, too. A man recently popped the big question to his girlfriend while both of them were playing World of Warcraft. And the girl’s answer? Watch the video below.

We trust you viewed the whole clip (or at least jumped to the 1:16 mark for the good part) to see that this Thomas guy got the answer he was looking for in all of Azeroth. But that part where there’s a pause which caused the girl to have second thoughts and entertain the idea that he’s breaking up with her is a classic, too.

So what’s next? A World of Warcraft-themed wedding? Nah. But that’s not a far-fetched idea seeing that folks over in China and this Super Mario fan have done something similar. Can we get an “Aww…” now?

Via Geekologie

Source ringonthefinger on YouTube

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