Aww: Man proposes to girlfriend with Android app

Posted on: 05/20/11 by Neps Firmalan

Aaaaaand, the month of June is just around the corner? Can you hear the wedding bells ringing? Anything and everything about love and marriage are a wee bit more relevant this time of year. Which brings us to… wedding proposals. But this right here is one of the geekiest one we’ve written about so far.

Forget about doing some extreme stuff just to get your SO (significant other) to say yes. A man recently proposed to his girlfriend with (drum rolls please) an Android app! The guy, named Jon C. Hodgson, wanted something different, something a bit simpler but will still make you say “aww…”. An Android app was all he needed.

That the both of them use Android smartphones is convenient. That he knows what his girlfriend likes is necessary. His girlfriend is into the latest Harry Potter movie, you see, so he made a simple app via App Inventor and used a Harry Potter layout to disguise its intent. A series of questions about Harry Potter was then asked until the big one was revealed: the proverbial make-it-or-break-it, yes or no “will you marry me “question.

During a dinner, Jon showed the app to his girlfriend and asked her to answer the trivia questions. Being a sucker for the Harry Potter movie, his girlfriend gladly obliged. Long story short, when she arrived at the final question, she answered a resound “yes,” but not before dumbfounded and surprised at the situation.

So there, a love story brought to us by Google. We’re pretty sure our ballsy dude Jon is pretty much relieved that everything went well, which is something that doesn’t happen always with wedding proposals.

Source Fast Company

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