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ONLINE ROMANCE: Finding love on the Internet

The digital age has brought on a whole lot of innovations in every part of our life. Imagine a time when technology lets you work from home, gives you directions to your destination and reminds you who you have meetings with wherever, whenever. Oh wait, that time is now and those aren’t the only things tech decided to dip its virtual hands into.

TIME Magazine reports that Internet dating is just as unpredictable as the non-digital version, but at least it gives one access to a lot more people than you’d ordinarily get to meet. Digital dating is now the second most common way that couples get together, after meeting through mutual acquaintances. Many online dating sites like eHarmony and Match.com provide a way where people can find love or, at the very least, friendship, in the digital age.

Here in the Philippines, we’ve got a digital love story of our own. Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann says that at the time she met Matt, she was already open to finding love online since she spends most of her time surfing anyway.

A mom and a writer, Annalyn juggles both roles and manages to get her name out as a lifestyle blogger and a technology writer for a daily newspaper. “I figured distance didn’t matter anymore in this age of Skype and webcams. Besides, I was getting frustrated with the men I met in real life,” she says, adding that she doesn’t think there’s a difference between people you meet in real life or in techland, “as long as you’re ready to settle down and your intentions are honest.”

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