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FIRST LOOK: Angry Birds on Facebook

It took forever for Angry Birds to get on Facebook, and now that they are, expect a whole lot more people to stay on the already addicting social network longer. Good news is, you have another reason to be online other than stalking looking at people’s photos. It’s the latest move of Facebook to retain users for a longer amount of time, which would mean more ad revenue. Ch-ching for them and (cue Angry Birds theme music here) a whole lot more time-wasting fun for you.

The great thing is, not only did Angry Birds move to Facebook but they also added more features to make you triumph over those pesky green Piggies. Plus, the mysterious Mighty Eagle is available at your beck and call as long as you have enough tuna cans to last the game. Use it wisely! For more features, see the gallery below.

If you’d like to install the Angry Birds app on your account go to this link.