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Local online seller posts early Samsung Galaxy S III pre-order poster

Well, how about that? Apparently, a local seller on Multiply has already put up a pre-order poster of the Samsung Galaxy S III. Whoa! Color us surprised since official deets about the device and its availability have been scant so far. Check out the poster below from Kimstore.

See? We’re pretty serious and it looks like Kimstore isn’t kidding as well and wants to be the early bird in offering the much-awaited handset (which will be a no-show at MWC 2012) to local buyers. However, we do have a few comments regarding the poster which we think isn’t showing anything official yet. The specs posted could very well land on the real deal, though we won’t be surprised if there will be a few misses (like the one about Android Gingerbread), too. The handset illustration is also quite interesting as it shows an end-to-end screen (almost no bezel). We’re not that optimistic on that one but, hey, maybe Kimstore has some contacts overseas who have access to unannounced info about the device.

Sadly, the poster is all there is for now. A quick check on Kimstore’s Facebook page reveals no release or availability dates which is also what we expected. We’d like to call this one another pampagana for those looking out for the device (like us). Hey, Sammy! Could you spill some details already, pretty please?