Man 'marries' virtual girlfriend

Sometimes, the boundary between “virtual” and “reality” is hard to see, and is even easy to cross. Take, for instance, this story of a man who married a video-game character in “real life.” Was the marriage ever consummated? Just asking.

The wedding of the year!

Apparently, the guy, known by his nickname SAL9000, fell in love with a virtual girl named Nene Anagasaki (yeah, video-game characters have real-sounding names, too) while playing a Nintendo DS game called Love Plus. It's a dating/relationship simulator wherein a player picks a girl, courts her, and undergoes certain “boyfriend challenges.”

The wedding took place in Tokyo, and the honeymoon was in Guam. Videos of the event (not the honeymoon, you freak-o) can be viewed at Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico-Douga.


The Nene of SAL9000's dreams

This is certainly one of those stories that make the Otaku subculture in Japan popular or infamous, depending on how you look at it. In any case, this just shows that love knows no boundaries. Aww, cheesy.

News and video via Boing Boing, photo via Ubergizmo


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