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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Guy proposes to his girl with an engraved iPad 2

Her precious

An Apple afficionado by the name of Jordan C. wrote to 9to5Mac about how he proposed to his girlfriend. Unlike traditional proposals however, their didn’t just involve the guy getting down on one knee with a diamond ring whilst the woman gets all teary eyed. Oh no, this proposal was made possible by an iPad 2!

Engraved with the words “Will You Marry Me” at the back, Jordan C. got a “Yes!” from his girlfriend followed by a “now give me my iPad”, sweet. The joyous event was made possible by what Jordan calls “Apple’s Magic”. Don’t believe us? Here’s what he sent in:

I just wanted to share my excitement for Apple’s latest magical device bringing a little magic into my life! I stayed up all night to order my iPad with the inscription “Will You Marry Me?” Received mine this Monday, Took my then-girlfriend, Jessica, up to the National Redwood Forrest in Northern CA. After having to cross a river on a downed Redwood and dealing with the intermettant rain I found the largest tree in the world I kneeled down and gave it my best! Whether it was something I said or “Apple’s Magic” in action she gushed and said YES, now give me my iPad!!

Romantic, yes, but we hardly believe that an iPad 2 is something that will last forever. We know of iPods from 2006 that won’t even cut it as doorstops today. Good thing he has that diamond ring to back it up.

We wish the happy nerdy couple a life of App-iness–that is until Jordan trades her in for a younger model. The iPad 2, not her fiancee.

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Source 9to5Mac

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