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(UPDATED) Quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III launching next month?

It feels like it was only yesterday when we happily witnessed the Galaxy S II sashaying down Samsung’s catwalk and now we’re hearing reports that the flagship’s successor is coming really soon.

According to Eldar Murtazin, who has a knack for reporting bits like this and getting handsets way before anyone else can, the Samsung Galaxy S III (or whatever it will be called) will be unveiled during next month’s MWC 2012 and should roll-out to markets in April. We hope at least one of those are true, because there are conflicting reports from The Verge and BGR  on whether or not it’ll make an appearance at MWC.

Here’s more. The Russian tech blogger also claims he is now in possession of the device and, based on his time with it, he says it is really fast. That’s something we expect from the Galaxy S II’s follow-up. Makes you think of the hardware it will bring, no? Eldar revealed a few details on that, too, saying the Galaxy S III will be packing a quad-core processor (running at 1.5-1.6GHz), a 12-megapixel camera and an HD screen at a still unspecified size. We don’t know how much RAM it will have but a minimum of 1GB seems to be a pretty good bet. And, before we forget, the device will also come with Ice Cream Sandwich in tow.

That’s all for now, although, needless to say, the Galaxy S III will be shouldering some big expectations. Let’s see if it will also be a best-seller like its predecessors.

UPDATE (1:20 p.m., January 26): A bit of sad news for those excited for the device (like us). The Verge is now reporting that the Galaxy S III unveiling at MWC 2012 has been canceled citing speculation that Samsung is uncomfortable with the long period between the global launch and US availability of the device.

Via GSMArena

Source Eldar Murtazin (Twitter)

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