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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55 ‘The world thinnest fashion camera’

In this day and age where SLR cameras are the norm for some (like that katropa of yours who brings one with telephoto lens to your weekly inuman), size is no longer an issue so long as photo quality is great. But if you’re the type that likes a fuss-free point and shooter that you can easily slip into your pocket as you say cheers, then check out the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX55.

Looks and feel

TX55 is among the slimmest cameras we’ve ever tested. In fact, Sony markets it as the world’s thinnest fashion camera and, at only 109 grams, it’s quite the lightweight, too. You can easily put it in your pocket and, when you decide to snap a photo of something, all you have to do is slide the lens cover, and you can take shots right away. And, yes, it looks good. It’s sleek yet simple and elegant enough that it looks great besides other gadget lookers like the Zenbook or the MacBook Air. Don’t let its miniature size fool you though; the TX55 feels robust enough that you won’t be scared of handling it with only one hand.


The unit we got comes in at smooth silver (it’s available in different colors, BTW). The back side of the device is dominated by the 3.3-inch touchscreen while up front is the sliding cover that you just need to, er, slide down to start shooting. The TX55 uses periscope zoom lens that doesn’t extend from the camera’s body which is one of the tricks Sony pulled off to achieve the very slim profile. There are only three physical buttons and controls on this baby – the zoom, shutter and power on which are all found on the top side.

On the bottom of the device you’ll see the expansion and battery compartments. The TX55 uses microSD cards instead of the more standard SD cards which might make for more hassle in terms of file-transfers since many lappies don’t have a microSD card slot. Still, the move to smaller memcards is, ultimately, to achieve a slimmer frame which makes it justified for those who put equal value in aesthetics and convenience.

Given the focus on touch controls, we were interested with the ease (or difficulty) of navigation the TX55 poses. Good thing is, the learning curve isn’t that steep. Just a few sessions and you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the UI (user-interface). Add to the mix the responsiveness of the touchscreen and the TX55 scores a couple of pogi points in overall user-friendliness.

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