VIDEO OF THE DAY: ‘Super Mario’-themed wedding proposal

Who says geeks are robotic, stare-at-the-PC-all-day, non-romantic members of the human race? Certainly not us, because as this Don Romantiko shows us, geeks can also be ubercheesy. Check out the video below.

See? We sort of warned you.

We have to give props to the guy, who is obviously a Super Mario diehard fan, for coming up with such a marriage proposal. Just look at the painted (or wallpapered), Mario-themed room and you’ll know he has this all planned out.

That question-mark box, by the way, is a nifty touch for revealing the ring. Romeo surely had his relationship get a 1UP on this one, and unlike most levels in the game, his Princess Toadstool is certainly in this castle.

Via Geekologie

Source SilvasRW on YouTube 

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