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Who made Google’s Valentine’s Day Doodle?

A lot of us don’t have the opportunity for our work to be seen and appreciated by the whole world over. Lucky for the Google Doodle team, not only is their work popular and placed on the most expensive and sought-after piece of online real estate, but people actually wait in anticipation to see their many creative twists on the Google logo.

To get acquainted with the team that makes people ’round the world happy, not to mention smarter when they celebrate thinkers we may not be familiar with, click here.

We bet everyone’s seen the Valentine’s Day Google Doodle by now, and we were really impressed by it (understatement) that we reached out to Doodle Team Lead Ryan Germick. He responded in a tweet saying:

We thanked @realwillie as well but have yet to hear from him. It turns out his name is Willie Real (REH-YAL) and he’s quite a talented artist from what we can see on his personal website. Back in 2006, in his first ever post,  he said that he “knew nothing about webpages” but that he put the site up to share some “doodles and scribbles” for people to see.

Seriously, the sketches on there are some quality stuff and we’ve already picked out some of our favorites, like Stupid Cloud, Stupid Kid. Cool art that has a lot of heart, we especially like the ones he made that are so detailed and expressive that it could be turned into an animated short, Pixar-style (pardon the expression).

Now you know who made you smile with that Doodle today, and who brought these two characters together. Happy Valentine’s Day, Techies!