WTF! Wedding vendo machine gets you married in an instant!

See that weird, bright pink contraption? That, dear Techies, is the AutoWed machine, an automated device (Yes, much like an ATM machine) that marries couples in an instant! Shocked? Well, think about it. We have instant noodles, instant messaging service, instant payment systems–so maybe it’s high time for an instant wedding, a quick and easy way to get hitched!

The AutoWed machine works like, well, a typical vendo machine. Only this one do not make coffee. Here’s what you do: insert a coin, go through a list of options given by a creepy robotic “minister,”  then say your vows, collect your ring, take your wedding receipts and, bam!, Welcome to the ball-and-chain world, bud! So, you’re still fazed about the whole thing? For a better idea, check out the video below…

That’s effin’ quick and easy! If you’re the type who can easily brush away the sactitify of marriage, that is. No need to go through a ton of mambo jumbo just to get your significant to bed say “I Do”. We’re particularly liking the “escape” part when asked if the bride and groom wants to marry each other. And get, this, the whole proceedings costs only one freakin’ dollar (around P43)! 

In case you’re wondering, it has now license to release legit marriage certificates yet but who knows, you just cannot say what the future holds. And we don’t think it will be available in the Philippines anytime soon given that it also weds gays, lesbians and (gasp!) BFFs. Oh and that wedding receipt? No, it won’t pass as a valid wedding contract, just so you know.

Click the gallery below to get a better look at this vendo minister…

Via Geekologie

Source conceptshed

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